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Uno spazio dove conoscere una Mamma, AUTRICE degli ARTICOLI e delle RECENSIONI che troverete su questo blog, appartenente alla generazione dei Millennials di due bambine Cosmopolite, a cui spero di poter dare gli strumenti per realizzare i loro sogni ed essere FELICI! 

14 March 2023

Once upon a time, there was a miller who harbored great ambitions for his beautiful daughter. one day the king passed by that mill with all his retinue, and the miller ran up to him, eager to speak well of his daughter. He offered water and hay to the horses and, between the serious and the facetious, slipped into the speech a phrase that greatly intrigued the king: "Eh, Majesty, do you know that my daughter knows how to spin and even turns hay into gold?" The King did not have it repeated twice and ordered the foolish miller to bring his daughter to the castle. The fool literally dragged the girl all the way to the palace of the Sovereign, who immediately welcomed her and took her to a barn full of hay: "Here you have the spinning stuff. If by morning you have not turned all the hay into gold, you will have to die." For the king had become terribly greedy for wealth because he had not yet managed to fall in love with a beautiful maiden. The young woman sat desperately on the floor, not even knowing where to begin! But suddenly the door opened and in walked a little dwarf with a strange green hood and a shrill voice, "What will you give me if I spin all this straw for you?" Dumbfounded, the maiden answered him, "I will give you my gold necklace." And in no time at all, bundles and bundles of hay became thick skeins of fine gold. At dawn the king entered the barn, his face dark, convinced that he would find the hay piled up like the night before, but soon his mood changed radically: the sight of all that gold made his eyes glow with greed.


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