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In the countryside not far from the picturesque CostaSmeralda, where the land of granite polished by the sea and wind is called Gallura, you'll find on Furreddu Farm.

The pristine land of NorthernSardinia, a glimpse of spoiled nature, country house, renovated in respect of traditions, to welcome you and make you enjoy good food.

Inside, a large room with a fireplace to keep warm on cold days: a rustic, remained unaffected by the passing years.

The owners will welcome you with hospitality and cordiality which offers every good host, proposing and recommending the best products and recipes for a table set out with simplicity and authenticity.

A place to relax in contact with nature and animals, the discovery of traditions that are often lost, forgotten, and the beauty of the delicacies that our earth gives us.

Natural products, good and wholesome. These are the features it offers Furreddu On The Farm, on the table to bring the quality of products made exclusively at home.

At the farm on FURREDDU you can enjoy cold cuts, cheeses, vegetables, and meat, as the inevitable Sardinian suckling pig cooked on a spit, directly produced on the farm, and then the fresh pasta and homemade desserts, all the delicacies that you can try booking a lunch or dinner at the farmhouse.

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