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Okey Ndibe talks about Chinemerem Nwanze

The moment I had the opportunity to converse with Chinemerem Nwanze, I instantly became a devoted admirer. There were three distinct qualities that left a lasting impression on me. Firstly, her immense pride in her ability to speak the Igbo language was truly remarkable. Secondly, I greatly admired Chinemerem's deep sense of gratitude towards her parents for bestowing upon her the invaluable gift of her mother tongue.

However, it was the third aspect that truly captivated me - her creation of this remarkable book, a labor of love and an act of generosity. Recognizing that many of her peers were lacking the gift of their cultural heritage, Chinemerem took it upon herself to address this issue. This little gem of a book serves as her heartfelt plea to young individuals of Igbo origin, urging them to embrace and appreciate their cultural roots. It also serves as a gentle challenge to Igbo adults, particularly parents. Chinemerem's message is crystal clear - invest time in teaching your children the language and traditions of your people.
There has been much discussion about the adventurous spirit and resourcefulness of the Igbo people. Indeed, the Igbo can be found scattered across the globe, often thriving due to their industriousness, adaptability, and innovation. However, all too often, the Igbo sacrifice their language in exchange for success in their new environments. I propose, and I believe Chinemerem would concur, that this is an exorbitant price to pay. Language is not merely a means of communication; it encapsulates a people's cultural worldview. When a young individual is unable to speak their parents' mother tongue, it creates a cultural and conceptual divide between generations. This divide can only lead to the impoverishment, rather than the enrichment, of our children and their relationship with us.
Although Chinemerem's book is primarily aimed at young people, Igbo adults would be wise to heed its message. We all need to deepen our understanding of our inner selves, the values that shape our lives, and the language that breathes life into our world, with all its magnificence and diversity.


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