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Uno spazio dove conoscere una Mamma, AUTRICE degli ARTICOLI e delle RECENSIONI che troverete su questo blog, appartenente alla generazione dei Millennials di due bambine Cosmopolite, a cui spero di poter dare gli strumenti per realizzare i loro sogni ed essere FELICI! 


Maitea, the meaning of your European name is Love. I wish for you that everyone can love your essential and that you will find a person who love you forever. Unluckily, I must tell you that you could meet some people that in the reality want just have fun with you, without build anything too serious.

Believe me, love is also fun, something to be lighter in the journey of the life, but you always must to pretend respect for you and other people: I hope you will never kiss with some boys that are already in a relationship with someone else. It is not easier know if the other person floats between two worlds, but it is not impossible.

Robbie Burns wrote the following poem when the woman who are in love with was expecting two children, but they were not married yet. He compares his woman with a daisy, in the same way as he had compared mice with men.

Literature intertwines often with life: I had read during my twenties some parts of a novel written by Federico Moccia. I did not like too much that novel, but I liked a character. Her name was Ginevra, called by everyone Gin. She was an uncommon girl with a passion for pictures and a love for a boy. But to have a kiss from him, she organized a swindle to him that I did not approved: indeed, she did not tell him that she had choose him as the man with who make love for the first time.

The writer did not tell the reader how the story ends. We don’t know if they will live together forever or the relationship ends, and the guy argues against her that she was not sincere. I will not tell you story as this one or the classic Cinderella: for your mother, after a fight with her step-sisters, Cinderella was not in the mood to go everywhere, even if at the castle the prince was waiting for her. Also, in Cinderella we don’t know if the prince, after the wedding, betrayed Cinderella with the maidservant.

In the reality, when Gin declared to Step that he was the first one with who she will want make love, he scared of it and he said her that it was a mistake to kiss her. Gin was destroyed because she was really in love with him, but she received from him a kiss. Lots of kisses for 3 weeks. He was the person who tell for the first time that he wants make love with her. She believed that it was a great present for him to know that he will be the first man in her life. But it isn’t in this way.

The fiction teaches you that you must to be secret with the guy with you are in love, but the novel didn’t tell you if later many years the same guy didn’t argued against her that she made a trick to him. It is possible that the boy who didn’t know before to make love with a girl that he is the first one, is scared to left her when the love is ends, and he disappeared.

At least, I will teach you an important lesson for your life: be always yourself, even if you are scared to lose a person that you love. If that person loves you in return, it is fine. If it is not, it is better to know before than after. In both of cases it is hard to accept it, but your life needs to be full of true and healthy love, for yourself first.

A wonderful kiss has no meaning. If a person is in love with you, he will accept all of your weirdness, and your habits.

Robbie Burns refused to marry Jean immediately when she was pregnant because he was not in good economic conditions. But he wrote a paper in which he swore in the future they will marry.

Sometimes people tell you no for your sake. A true lover take care of your dreams and he is not scared to be the first one, or to wait now in which you are ready to trust on him. Don’t rush too much in love affairs. Everything will come to you when your Chi will decide is your moment.

There is a singer called like you, Maitea, who wrote a song in which she said the following words:

Despite everything she waited yet him – She did not know that the sunset was still there.

I imagine you as a pretty and smart girl living with the toes on the floor and the heart in the air finding the fair counting the petals of a daisy to forecast the answer of your lover.


Wee, modest, crimson-tipped flow'r Thou's met me in an evil hour For I maun crush amang the stoure Thy slender stem To spare thee now is past my pow'r Thou bonie gem

Alas! it's no thy neibor sweet The bonie lark, companion meet Bending thee 'mang the dewy weet Wi' spreckl'd breast! When upward-springing, blythe, to greet The purpling east

Cauld blew the bitter-biting north Upon thy early, humble birth Yet cheerfully thou glinted forth Amid the storm Scarce rear'd above the parent earth Thy tender form The flaunting flow'rs our gardens yield High shelt'ring woods and wa's maun shield But thou, beneath the random bield O' clod or stane Adorns the histie stibble field Unseen, alane There, in thy scanty mantle clad Thy snawie bosom sun-ward spread Thou lifts thy unassuming head In humble guise But now the share up

tears thy bed And low thou lies!

Such is the fate of artless maid Sweet flow'ret of the rural shade! By love's simplicity betray'd And guileless trust Till she, like thee, all soil'd, is laid Low i' the dust

Such is the fate of simple bard On life's rough ocean luckless starr'd Unskilful he to note the card Of prudent lore Till billows rage, and gales blow hard And whelm him o'er!

Such fate to suffering worth is giv'n Who long with wants and woes has striv'n By human pride or cunning driv'n To mis'ry's brink Till wrench'd of ev'ry stay but Heav'n He, ruin'd, sink!

Ev'n thou who mourn'st the Daisy's fate That fate is thine, no distant date Stern Ruin's plough-share drives elate Full on thy bloom Till crush'd beneath the furrow's weight Shall be thy doom

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