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How Zebras got their stripes

A story from Africa confirm two assumptions in which believed so strong: first, it is better sharing with others despite build a wall; secondly, zebra is the perfect animal for thieves - and for this reason the second football team of Torino has this animal as icon!

Long ago, when this story begins, the world had just one zebra. And he wasn't black-and-white striped, like zebras today. Apart from his jet black mane, this zebra was creamy white all over. He lived with a giraffe, an elephant and a greedy baboon, beside a deep pond. They should have been perfectly happy but the baboon was a selfish creature, who flatly refused to share the pond with any of them. "This is my pond!" he declared. "You can all keep away." And he would dance a splashy dance and guzzle the delicious water. The others grew angry. "But we're thirsty," they said, "and there's plenty of water." "Don't care," said Baboon rudely. "You're not getting any." Tht afternoon, Giraffe crept to the pond. Baboon roared at him. "GO AWAY!" he yelled, jumping up and down waving his arms in the air. Giraffe fled. Next, Elephant lumbered over to the pond. Before the tip of his trunk could touch the water, Baboon leaped out from behind a tree. "GO AWAY!" he hollered, jumping up and down and beating his fists on his chest. At last, Zebra walked up. "GO AWAY!" Baboon yelled. Zebra ignored him and stamped a hoof. "It's NOT your pond," he said. "It belongs to all of us and you must share it." "No!" said Baboon. "I won't. ow stop bothering me." He turned away, muttering to himself. "I'll show them it's my pond." he thought, and he went off to gather an armful of sticks. He piled them by the pond and lit a fire. "That will keep those annoyances away," he said, looking at the fire with satisfaction. Zebra wasn't in the least scared by the fire. With a snort and a shake of his mane, he galloped to Baboon and kicked him hard. Baboon shout up into the air. So did the sooty sticks from the fire... then both came tumbling down again. The sticks landed on Zebra. Baboon landed on his bottom - smack in the middle of the fire. Ever since then, zebras hav had black stripes and baboons have had red bottoms.

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