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The Baobab Tree

Do you know any whinger? Well, not only babies cry, adults are weepers too!

This tale is from South Africa and it will explain you the consequences of complaining all the time.

Read it carefully and leave me a comment if you like it!

So long ago that no one can remember when, the gods made the world. First, they made the land and sea, then mountains and plains. One day, they made a tree that could talk and named it the Baobab tree. Alone in the dry soil, the Baobab tree was far from happy. "It's too hot," it complained. "I'm thirsty," it moaned. The gods ignored the Baobab tree and grew a forest of tall palms. "it's not fair," grumbled the Baobab tree. "Why am I so short? Why can't I be taller?" The gods continued to ignore the discontented Baobab and created trees with beautiful, bright flowers.

"Why can't I have pretty flowers,"whined the Baobab tree. By now, the gods were losing patience. "Just be quiet, will you?" they urged the Baobab tree. "Can't you see we have work to do?" This time, they were growing trees with delicious, juicy fruits. "Hey, why do they get fancy fruits?" called out the Baobab tree."I want some too. "That's enough!" shouted the gods. "All you do is complain. Can't you be quiet for even one moment?" "But it's simply not fair," huffed the Baobab tree, scowling. "That does it," said the chief god. He conferred with the others, then turned on the Baobab tree. "If you can't stop talking," he announced, "we'll have to make you." "No! Wait!" cried the Baobab tree, but it was powerless against the gods. They wrenched it from the soil, flipped it upside down, and planted its head and branches deep under the earth. Only its trunk and roots were visible above ground, and its voice was heard no more. That is how the Baobab tree still looks today... and now you know why.

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