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26th June 2024 -

The good gnomes of Cologne
The baker was also quiet,
he left the order to the miller
to take to the cellar
the many sacks of flour.
Soon the good gnomes would arrive:
How good they were, those nice people!
They would move the sacks,
they opened the packages,
they made the dough,
Weighing just right.
The bread by and by was crispy and ready.
At the butcher's it was no different,
slept the apprentice under the clear sky.
They would surely come anyway
The good gnomes and without any other help
Would have cut and butchered,
a whole ox they would quarter,
and dividing a piglet
They would have made a sausage,
some sausages, cutlets.
They would have displayed it in the display case
Before morning came


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