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7 JANUARY 2024

the nutcracker
Jeremiah's grandmother had a nutcracker whose tip was decorated with small coloured flowers. When Jeremiah visited his grandmother, he asked her permission to play with the wonderful nutcracker and she gladly granted it. Susanna, the neighbour's little girl, also loved to play with the unique object. One fine day Jeremiah took the nutcracker to play with it, but soon put it away carefully and became silent and serious. Over the next few days the child avoided meeting his grandmother and the nutcracker seemed forgotten. The grandmother was astonished at this behaviour and asked Jeremiah's mother for the reason. "Yes, it is true. Jeremiah has become sad,' Mummy replied. "Maybe it's because he broke the tip of the nutcracker!" "But it was already broken!" exclaimed the grandmother, "It was Susanna." Jeremiah, who ashamedly had secretly followed his grandmother's speech, flew into her brushes, relieved: "And to think I was in so much pain that I couldn't sleep!"


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