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Io son cresciuto sotto il cupolone e son toscano fin nelle midolle; ma se mi danno torto ed ho ragione, il sangue tutto quanto mi ribolle…

Quante volte m’ha visto il fiorentino leticar con un fiasco di buon vino!

Chikaima Maitea, you must know that your relatives from your mother moved from the delightful Toscana to the serious Piedmont. Prato and its region will teaches you how to laugh and give a smile to the others around you. You are already doing in your jungle and I love listen your voice! Your grandpa Paolo used to say that it was easy see me laughing: it was enough speak about poo! So, let’s talk about Juve! How many laugh this morning when we knew that Juve had lost with A. Madrid! We will always sing L’INNO DEL CORPO SCIOLTO and LA CANZONE DELLA CACCA. After a huge laugh, I will teach you how to translate the word: LOVE. In Spanish is MAITEA.

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