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Benvenuto nel blog della Scrivente Errante! 

Uno spazio dove conoscere una Mamma, AUTRICE degli ARTICOLI e delle RECENSIONI che troverete su questo blog, appartenente alla generazione dei Millennials di due bambine Cosmopolite, a cui spero di poter dare gli strumenti per realizzare i loro sogni ed essere FELICI! 


It was a dreich day, as always in Scotland. I went to the hospital the day before, because it was the due date, and I was terrified to be alone if you decided to come out in a moment in which I could be alone. Two people who I believed were my friends and that told me since May that they will be here to assist mecalling me telling that it was impossible for them. We were alone, my darling: me, you and your beloved Daddy. He came to the hospital wearing the traditional igbo dress. He was charming and I was deeply in love. After hours of pain and worry for your heartbeat, the doctors decided that it was better to bring you out. at 17:48 you were born. Sagittarius rising Cancerian.
Those born with sign Sagittarius and Cancer ascendant are sensitive, intuitive types who are a bit lazy and definitely a bit jealous. These are individuals who are nice to be surrounded by, they are pleasant types, protective even with friends and colleagues. Some born under the sign of Sagittarius with Cancer ascendant fail to gain the right autonomy and need a passionate partner who, however, does not tie them down too much, depriving them of freedom and that nostalgic taste of loneliness. In love they are very sweet and make very special life partners. For them, loving is a real mission, the most natural thing in the world, so they devote themselves night and day to their couple. They may lack ambition in work, they do not like to get ahead and would never penalize it at the expense of their family! This year was full of great achievement and I am so proud to be your mother. As you names reveal, you are the Love we need in our lives and in this world. In the first book of the Cosmopolitan family you alter ego is a LadyBug who loves pretend to travel around the globe and be an animal's doctor. I don't know yet what you will be in your future, But you can be sure that your happiness and your sister's happiness are my greatest concern.
"Against every terror that stands in the way the world rises again with the smile of a child."
With your smile, Chikaima Maitea, as you sing and dance Azure and soon after Igbo music.


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