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Benvenuto nel blog della Scrivente Errante! 

Uno spazio dove conoscere una Mamma, AUTRICE degli ARTICOLI e delle RECENSIONI che troverete su questo blog, appartenente alla generazione dei Millennials di due bambine Cosmopolite, a cui spero di poter dare gli strumenti per realizzare i loro sogni ed essere FELICI! 


1.In what year did you meet your husband, in what

circumstances and what was your material status at the


We met in 1976 when we both became students at the University of Bucharest,

Faculty of Foreign Languages ? and Literatures. I came from Dudestii Vechi -

Timisoara and he came from Braila, and that is how I got in Braila. I was late to

enter the examination, because then there were exams, not like now when the

place is assured with a dossier. Looking at the list of exams, the first name I saw

was Andreev Andrew and seemed very nice, so instead of thinking about how to

get faster in the exam, and not to miss the exam, I was surprised how nice it

sounded the name. Then was the first snap. Then I wanted to find out who is the

boy but I didn't express my feeling in any way. Regarding the economical status,

being in 1976 during the time of communists, there was no question regarding

that matter, we were pleased that we had with what to dress and what to eat. For

example, I was wearing the sandals of my sister in law wich were platforms, as

otherwise, it's in trend today, to look taller, cause I just became a student in

Bucharest. Our parents were very diligent, hardworking and we eat everything

in the most natural way. In the yard, we had even a small farm. Our goal was to

become intellectuals, and so we chose the best university.

2.Where are your children and how have you influenced their future?

Both my children are in Braila. Daniel works at the APAN Company, sales

advisor for the BMW brand. I am very happy that he followed his passion. We

have always supported the children in what they wanted to do. Our girl, Ioana

Maria is the manager of marketing also at APAN, her majors are in English and


3. Do you know what are the dreams/ideals of your children? What is

success for you?

Dan is a success because he is doing what he likes. For Ioana Maria, it was not

a dream to work in marketing, but I'm afraid that she didn't have a dream a clear

idea. But the mere fact that she has an achievement where she's going to work

every day and she goes with joy, is an achievement. We personally have dreamed

more for her, we bought an apartment but it seems she does not want to live alone

because she still lives with us.

4.What is the book that left an echo in your mind and had a philosophical

content which had an echo?

There isn't a book in particular. I liked the books of great Russian writers but

I didn't manage to teach their work in schools. I am passionate about love

literature but I don't find myself in them because I feel fulfilled in love.

5. Have you dreamed to have someone else's life? Have you ever dreamed of

be a queen or to live in a royal family?

Sounds like an interesting question. I never dreamed to be a queen/princess. I

dreamed to have someone else's life, but my life has hijacked when I entered the

faculty of letters. Even though I have a great attraction for foreign languages, I

have not dreamed of being a teacher. I loved the theater. But at that time there were

very limited places, and those were only for the politician's children and the sons

of actors. I even risked a year to stay home to get ready with a great actor,

George Leahu from Timisoara. I was really good, the teacher with whom I was

preparing realized that I was very good, but it was not to be. On the day of the

exam, coming on the road, we all were very tired, I remember that the students

have organized a protest because we didn't have where to sleep. The Institute said

it has no obligation to accommodate us, but still, we were hosted in Bulandra's

movement room. I failed because there were only 4 seats and 400 candidates and

I was not part of those who had to enter. I signed at the Faculty of letters, but I did

not forget about my first love, The Theater, and I played three years in the theater

Podul. I was part of Catalin Naum's team. After two years the director told me to

go to the theater because I will enter for sure. True, it was a guaranteed success.

But I was a scholarship and if I would have quit the 3 years of letters I would

have lost it and I was not in a condition to support myself. The scholarship was my

only source of income because my parents were unable to sustain me. This is

how it was during communism. And so I quit the ideal for the material

condition. I rejected the help of Catalin because I wanted to have a very fast salary.

Interview made by Svetlana Georgieva, EVS volunteer


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