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Benvenuto nel blog della Scrivente Errante! 

Uno spazio dove conoscere una Mamma, AUTRICE degli ARTICOLI e delle RECENSIONI che troverete su questo blog, appartenente alla generazione dei Millennials di due bambine Cosmopolite, a cui spero di poter dare gli strumenti per realizzare i loro sogni ed essere FELICI! 


1. What's your name?

My name is Constantin M. I've 94 years old and I was

commander, instructor, aspiring commercial ships.

Commercial ships I've been l'Ocean Pacific. Crossed

the Panama Canal 6 times. Panama Canal is in the

Persian Golf where the canal is in the south of the country are the two largest cities,

Iemeno and Jordan. Jordan is very high. These two countries now are fighting, now there

is war. We can no longer travel there, although there is the Panama Canal was caught

once before Christ, discovered in 706, by the brother of Christopher Columbus.

2. When the 2 World War started, where were you?

I was in the war 3 years, 7 months, from 1941 to 1943I didn't knew anything about my

family, or the garrison, nothing.

3 . How old were you when the war started?

I was young, I was 37 years old.

4 . Did you lost some parents or friends during the war?

During the time of the war, after the time in the corporation of monitoring, I left Catargiu

, and I came to Braila. I was 22 years old and 7 months. I was in Mangalia. One stagion, as

it told, one stagion and half, I worked there in the torpedo boat. Torpiloarele Acesta de

Sigur aveau a numar us nu aveam voie (...) . I played in the theatre with Vasilica

Tastaman, the most important actress from Braila. I didn't have parents or friends that

died in the war.

5 . Immediately after war, how was Braila ?

Braila is an extraordinary and a beautiful city. The population of Braila is of 360,000

inhabitants. It's a long time that Braila have a lot of beauty things, so rare, as I spoke with

the lady who is responsible in Bucharest, Teodoroiu , that interviewed and gave me the

opportunity to spoke in the radio, and showed a beauty , but the day today , it's really a

shame, that was destroyed almost everything, a lot of intreprineri , shops, are completely

destroyed . And the street and sidewalk , as i am told Mr. Teodoroiu he came to me and I

was the oldest, they informed , was made at a natural beauty , not with asphalt but with

cubic stone . Must not pass a car nic nic even bicycles. We have a tremendous mayor 's

cunsecade householder did Braila rare natural beauty , but all stores all as you - I said,

disappointing models are completely destroyed stores , do not know if one can find

someone to fix them . ( ...) I am when I am part of the Bucharest Corporate and was

helmsman . After that I transferred to Galati. I remember family, friends, people who are

returning from war. This was the shuttle that we were doing . There happened a bit in

1941 to take the requisition army and ships were transient . I was ready for my conscious that a man can fall in the water or it hits something and you immediately sink and tools. I

had this, but I was young then. I had a cat ladder boat had all the bare minimum and I was

helmsman . My pilots left for fear of war in Greece I am Greek origin . ( ... ) I started

working on me about 6 7 months and after this period I have given to torpilou . I was a

very conscious I loved that ship commanders . I know to play the instruments and then

right on the front there is not music . Music gave them military courage .

6. Can you sing for me?

In which language do you want that I sing? In Turkish? In Greek? I want to sing in Greek.

(She started singing in Greek). All I have loved this ship which sank in front of our eyes

but we were able and escaped three people from drowning. And then we went, we went

there we did seven months on monitors. The new monitors came from Bucharest and I

filmed. And they came monitors a control, an extraordinarily good man. Took him there

now has an office in Constanta. On the street I saw when I kissed. What documents I

have given, to frightened.

7.There was a television immediately after the war? Which programs did you

remember after the war? Which program was more famous after the war?

Let me explain what aintamplat after we left the Danube. In captivity, when I was young,

not in the army, took me there and I gave on that ship torpilou . Same ship I sail, I was

young , my parents had to live for and he was put out of the army. I was young and I told

them do not pass on the Danube. I have a family and need to give them to eat, And then I

went and did the private Academy. I was acting and I said that I have an extraordinary

talent . Good Lord helped me . I had to give parents and the two sisters to eat . In our free

time, we read said if you do not know need to repeat them again. Browse and learn book.

I went abroad. I was young. In Germany, there is a bridge that pass on him. Is very low, it

is at a level of one meter and a half, it's impossible pass also for a very small boat. No one

knows today who did that bridge. And because no one knows, is very wide, from

Rechensburg. And because no one knows, it 's called “the devil”. And if we climb on it,

see Montenegro, where he was the tragedy. In Germany there is no water greater than 2

and a half meters. We had a load of 70 coaches is taking out merchandise and puts the

other ship and go with them. From there out and coming back and must pass several

cities. Rechensburg Seamen 's nightmar . It's not allowed to touch anything. You step

aside and wielding ship pilots. It has a 1616 feet adancine varies water stream flowing at

24 km per hour. As it was in Braila, when we pulled ashore and locomotive. And there are

not anything new we give away. Sunto by humans special. There are 72 ships sunk, is

Anahita and exit and there we do not get our hands rudders. Special riders come and go

because we have sunk more ships. From Rechensburg I passed the Rhine, drain sin

France. It has a fricheuza, open doors if we come from Braila Opening the gates and out

to the Danube in Germany. After that, let the water and get up 11 m above. You went in,

closed and you ducve the Lower Danube. ( ... ) A caroling 17 continents 13 islands in the

Pacific Ocean but I still travel. I gave a higher degree , a new uniform but I do not want to

do them because I army army and I 've done quite enough. You were the first boy mother

father sii ? Yes, I have them figured my sisters but they are not alive now. I lost my wife

14 years ago old but I'm thrifty and my house is very clean. I'm going to Greece and I

was in Italy, I went to the island of Cyprus and Crete. I want travel again now.

8.How many children do you have?

I don't have any son, I've just 2 sisters. My wife was died 14 years ago.

Interview made by Alessia Bruni, EVS volunteer from Italy


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